2020 No More Pies Registration Now Open!  Can You Afford To Miss Out?


He’s Baaaaaaackkk!

In just a few short weeks, The Bear came back with a vengeance, clawing the averages down more than 20%.
So now your clients need you not to grow their wealth but to protect it. To help you make that happen, we now offer the new Bear Edition of the No More Pies Conference.

It’s the most valuable course we offer.
Your clients will thank you.
And us.


The Next Bear Is Here
Right Here, Right Now
Now More Than Ever
The Time Has Come
Protect Your Clients’ Wealth

Hone your technical-analysis skills to protect your clients’ portfolios in perhaps the most volatile market in history!

The Bear Edition of the No More Pies Conference will teach you how to use technical skills to better protect your clients’ assets. 
 When to take on short positions
 What positions to take
 Exiting short positions
 What about bonds?

And perhaps most important of all
 How to spot the ideal time to re-enter long positions to cash in on the coming bull explosion when the damn bear returns to his dark, dank cave


Market Volatility

 Prepare for future market volatility now. Protecting your clients’ assets is a huge part of what you do. it’s crucial you leave no stone unturned. Your brand depends on it!

Portfolio Management

Learn new techniques and technology that will make managing portfolios easier and more effective than ever.

Build Your Book

Learn how to leverage techniques so you can attract more prospects, close more sales, and get more referrals.

Peer Networking

Network with your peers, swap ideas, and learn what’s working now when it comes to using technical analysis and marketing your services.  

Second Opinion

Learn the second-opinion process, an invaluable method for converting prospects into clients.

Portfolio Construction

How to build portfolios for clients, including Select Trading Rules, Global Trading Rules, and Concentrated Portfolio Trading Rules.

A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

This historic market volatility can potentially crush portfolios. The bottom has not yet come. Our experts can help you navigate these ominous waters.
Here’s what No More Pies instructor Don Creech says: “I have some proprietary scans that I use, and the current data on market conditions is downright scary.”
How do you use all this to your advantage? How do you hone your technical-analysis skills to help protect and (one day) regrow your clients’ portfolios?
And importantly for your own self-interest, how do you communicate your story with prospects so you can keep growing your business?
To help you do all this and more, Jack Reutemann, Don Creech, and Jason Roberts have created the Bear Edition of the No More Pies course with NEW material geared to 2020 and beyond!
We are excited to announce that for the first time ever, attendees will earn 5 hours of CFP® CE Credit for attending!

Jason Roberts

Financial Advisor

Jack Reutemann

Research Financial Strategies

Don Creech

Investor Resources, Inc

Speakers And Topics

Jason Roberts

Jason will share his process on presenting the features and benefits of technical analysis to clients and prospects in a way that isn’t technical. He’ll also show you his Offensive / Defensive weekly investment process, which helps him determine whether to buy, sell, or hold.

Jack Reutemann

Jack will cover his second-opinion process, an invaluable method for converting prospects into clients. He’ll also show you his powerful “highlight reel” of what you do and why, which you can use to educate your clients and prospects on the value you provide.

Don Creech

Don will speak about the theory behind
and how he builds portfolios for his
clients.  This will include popular
topics like Select Trading Rules,
Global Trading Rules, and Concentrated
Portfolio Trading Rules.

What Past Attendees Are Saying About The
No More Pies Conference

“The No More Pies training was the best investment course I have ever taken. I had previously learned technical analysis using self-study over a period of many years, and the NMP training added a more-advanced layer of new information more quickly than I could have learned it on my own. It was very helpful to interact with others who use technical analysis, because hardly anyone I know is familiar with even the basics of technicals. The most beneficial aspect of NMP is that unlike most technical training, it is specifically geared to advisors managing a client base, not just someone managing their own money or an institutional pool of money. The information about communicating with clients is an important part of NMP.” 


“Jack Reutemann’s presentation was perfect! This is what I paid for.” 


“Very valuable information.
Thanks for everything!” 


“Great knowledge. Great stuff.” 


“Great tech info. Great sales/ marketing info!” 


“Jack Reutemann’s presentation was excellent!.  A must see for advisors” 


“The TC2000 training was worth the money by itself. I use it every day now.”


“This will revolutionize my practice!” 


“Great energy! Worth the cost!” 


“I gained the most listening to how my peers present to potential clients. This is a learned skill which is rarely taught. It upped my game three fold!” 


Over 4000 financial professionals have attended the No More Pies Conferences

Now more than ever, as a financial advisor, it’s crucial for you to take steps to prepare yourself to survive and excel in these tumultuous markets. How are you going to differentiate yourself from your competitors? How are you going to grow your practice? Are you ready to protect your practice and your clients assets from inevitable market gyrations?

Bear Edition
No More Pies Conference

The Bear Edition of the No More Pies is a multi-day forum of action-packed takeaways, detailed use-cases, and networking with the top minds in wealth and asset management. This is the meeting place to benchmark against the best of the best in wealth management. You will explore how the most innovative wealth-management firms, broker dealers, RIAs, robos, and more use technical analysis to help protect clients in these dicey times.

Rethink, retool, and reimagine your trading strategies to overcome your most pressing challenges and succeed in today’s challenging markets.