Asset Protection

In the midst of a global health crisis and record unemployment levels, financial protection is more important than ever. The market volatility over the last six months has shown financial professionals, employers and employees — and especially those nearing retirement — that protecting what they have worked so hard to save is an essential part of retirement planning.

There are two main ways to grow your AUM.  Onboarding new clients and protecting and growing your clients’ portfolios through choosing the best investments and knowing when to play defense in market downturns.

Every bear market experiences losses between 20-50%. So does your AUM and your managements fees as well. Protecting assets makes sense for your clients and your business!

These days, workers across the globe are dealing with uncertainty in nearly every facet of their lives, from health and jobs, to the condition of the economy and their personal retirement savings. With the recent losses and continuing unpredictability of the market, it’s not surprising that Americans are now more concerned about the value of their investments than they were before the coronavirus crisis.1 However, despite their trepidation about market volatility, 66% intentionally have not touched their stock or stock-related investments according to one study.2

While this would seem to be good news simply because people are opting not to lock in losses, it still leaves many anxious about what to do. That can lead to inaction, which doesn’t help their financial security—such as not making additional contributions to their retirement plans or making additional contributions but keeping them in cash.

If you’re looking for a way to offer possible solutions that provide investment growth, some stability, and even security, you have options.