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Emergency Market Update

December 9, 2020 Our Mission Is To Create And Preserve Client Wealth Dear friends, family and clients,   Wow! In my 45 years I have never seen this.  Prior bear markets (a decline of 20% or more from the last trailing high of the S&P 500 index—which was 2/19/2020)...

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How much you should have saved for retirement

We know most Americans are woefully behind when it comes to saving for retirement, but according the latest data, it’s never too late to start saving. And it might help to realize that with just a little extra effort, you can beat the average savings rate of your...

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Just Say NO to Pie Charts!!

Pie charts look nice coming out of a color printer, but they can’t help manage investment risk

Advised Brokerage Accounts Are Better Diversified, Reports Schwab

The report highlights the benefits of working with an advisor. In general, participants who had professional help were more diversified across all of their holdings

The Drawback Of Target Date Mutual Funds

If the majority of fund management won’t even invest in their own target-date retirement funds….why should you?
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An Investment Advisor’s Blueprint To Making Solid Financial Decisions

A common mistake people make is to give up what they want most for what they only want right now. Pick which goals in your life are most important to you, and make achieving those goals your utmost priority. Then…
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The #1 Investing Rule (by Nasdaq)

Why the #1 Rule is the #1 RuleBut You Still Have to Take Some Heat With the market having hit a pothole last Wednesday and Thursday, it's a good time to review what I consider the #1 rule for growth stock investors--cutting losses short. Interestingly, I...

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Morgan Stanley, Goldman Declare Global Recession Under Way

Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley economists joined the rush on Wall Street to declare that the coronavirus has triggered a global recession, with the debate now focusing on its likely length and depth. A day after President Donald Trump conceded the U.S....

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Example of an Investment Pie Chart

Don't Trust a Pie Chart to Test Investment Diversification When the next market downturn comes, many investors who think they're protected may be surprised. Merely being invested in different types of stocks and bonds isn't good enough anymore. It is hard not to be...

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Reasons ETFs Are Better Than Stocks

When it comes to financial situations, everybody's story is different. Investors have a plethora of information and investment choices at their finger tips. ETFs are relatively the new kid on the financial block but have quickly gained recognition as a must have...

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Target Date Retirement Funds

Most target-date fund managers won’t even invest in their own funds. Should you? Making investment decisions for retirement can be a daunting exercise for most people.  Future retirees will need to make a variety of choices, including how to balance the desire to...

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