No More MPT – The Inner Circle

Let’s face it. It’s hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd when you are pushing the same, underperforming house funds that the vast majority of your peers also push. What if you had the ability to stand out? Imagine your practice the next time a Bear Market hits and lingers for several years. Instead of having to make excuses to your clients and constantly reassure them that their portfolios will eventually come back, wouldn’t it be better to take the action necessary to ensure a limited loss of client assets and your billable AUM? Our No More MPT members don’t mind market dips and crashes as it is a chance for us to exceed all expectations of our clients. In fact, we onboard more clients in down markets than any other time. In early 2020 when the S&P 500 hit negative territory, we were up a high of 29%!  We took the proactive steps necessary to ensure our models performed and beat the benchmarks. 

No More MPT does the hard work for you.
Our analysts scour the world for ETFs we believe will offer the best potential for our clients. Using our research and analysis, you can work on building a portfolio that reflects your clients needs, investment objectives and risk tolerance. 
Our weekly live Investment Committee meeting via webinar will give you access to current trends and opportunities along with the ability to participate in open discussions concerning current and potential investment choices.

Here’s our investing philosophy: Technical Analysis 
Technical analysis is an emotionless investment decision making process that does not allow for getting caught up in the company or industry story. Investments are made through a series of technical factors. The most notable factor is one called “relative strength.”  When a security price shows a recognizable pattern of higher highs and higher lows, it demonstrates that there is higher demand than supply for that security. This means that the “buyers” are in control and not the “sellers.” While we cannot guarantee investment performance, securities that demonstrate this technical behavior have a higher probably increasing in value.

Determining When To Exit An Investment
Our ability to minimize portfolio risk for our client is a result of having a Sell-Side Discipline. Prior to investing in a security, we establish an exit point based on the percentage of loss or price our investment advisors determine is acceptable. If the security price is violated, then it is sold. This ensures that profits are protected for our clients, or worst case, risk to principle is minimized. Only through having an investment approach that has a pre-determined exit strategy for each investment position, can you mitigate portfolio risk during market corrections.