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What Past Attendees Are Saying About The
No More Pies Conference

“The No More Pies training was the best investment course I have ever taken. I had previously learned technical analysis using self-study over a period of many years, and the NMP training added a more-advanced layer of new information more quickly than I could have learned it on my own. It was very helpful to interact with others who use technical analysis, because hardly anyone I know is familiar with even the basics of technicals. The most beneficial aspect of NMP is that unlike most technical training, it is specifically geared to advisors managing a client base, not just someone managing their own money or an institutional pool of money. The information about communicating with clients is an important part of NMP.” 


“I have to admit I was skeptical of the conference and really did not want to attend. My partner conned me into coming along. I have always been trained throughout my career to be a “Buy and Hold” pusher. But I always hated the calls, hand-holding and rationalization to clients on why 40% of their money evaporated, and why it is best to stay the course.
Now with our No More Pies training, I feel that I am better prepared for market volitilty and I now have my clients best interest in mind.Thanks guys!” 


“I have gained so much knowledge and ammunition to win prospects over from competitors!”


“Don, Jason & Jack succeeded in opening participants’ eyes to a surprisingly versatile and efficient method of trade selection.”


“I needed this conference 10 years ago! What a difference you have made on my mindset. I used to only sell mutual funds but now I am an ETF believer” 


“I had been struggling with TC2000 for some time. The day of training and the continued use of the program throughout the conference was what I needed to make it easy to use. Use TC2000 everyday for picking funds and in meetings with clients.”


“Excellent material, staff and venue. I´ve enjoyed all the great speakers, for sure I will try to come back for the next edition!
Congratulations to everyone who made the logistic! Everything was fantastic!”


“I can highly recommend this great conference, a really enjoyable event with inspirational speakers, really useful content, and a really nice and friendly vibe. Great location, and surprisingly good food.” 


“There was a good variety of speakers who discussed a wide range of topics that will help any financial advisor. Each one brought a wealth of experience that provided a very insider look into how their companies succeeded.”


“Talks were very interesting and I met a lot of great people. TC2000 training was huge!  And I was also able to ask my questions to the speakers and it was the most useful and important part for me. Thank you!!”


“The No More Pies conference is packed with great speakers and it’s very reasonably priced compare to other conferences. I’d love to join the workshops next year!” 


“Well organised days, with talks following a cohesive theme with each speaker building on the preceding talks. A lot of groundbreaking material for me and lots of food for thought and hearing others experiences certainly resonated..”


“Enjoyed it very much 🙂 I always like when it’s easy to connect with people and the workshops really helped! The talks were very good too especially the one on winning new clients thru the use of 2nd opinions.”


“It is a great conference that manages to pack a lot of interesting resources and knowledge into several days. I recommend it for everyone who is looking to keep in the loop of what it is going on in the financial industry.
Looking forward to more events like this!” 


“Was a really good event, got to learn, meet & speak to people who have made it and innovated in the top advisories. It is definitely worth it for financial advisors that wants to improve & understand technical analysis and it’s implementation. This is not just for trading but also a way of life, a way of thinking.

It’d be great to have some hands on teamwork masterclass workshop next year. I know a lot of advisors would enjoy it even more.”


“Good experience to learn and share with the RIA community. Good variety of talks from all of the speakers showing valuable insights into various practices used for picking ETFs and portfolio construction. Very good opportunity as well to talk with other advisors from different areas and backgrounds.

I would recommend  this conference. Especially if you are independent and are looking for a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.”


“Worth every minute and every penny!!
I attended a No More Pies conference many years ago which was very good, so i knew this conference will be good too. I was mistaken. This conference was simply EXCELLENT. The speakers line up, their diversity of technical, presentation and business
background was terrific. The quality of all talks, the conference’s logistics, everything simply worked great. A week after i am still enjoying the aftertaste of new fresh knowledge.” 


“Very well organized
It’s not my first financial conference of it’s kind and I was surprised how well it was organised: there were no sales pitches, all talks with no exceptions(!) were engaging, informative and on the topic of the conference. 
The atmosphere felt really warm: from seeing speakers hanging out with each to meeting professionals from different countries.
I’m looking forward to attend more of these and highly recommend them.”


“Incredible opportunity to learn
I always believed that I was able to create an above average sales presentation to prospective clients. That’s why when several advisors gave their 30 minute presentations, I was very interested. Seeing and hearing other advisors speak gave me a broader understanding of what I was doing right and more importantly, what I was doing wrong.  I went home and trashed my slide presentation down to 10 pics, and changed a lot of what I do and say. My close rate has drastically increased!”


“So, where do I start?
I traveled from Canada all the way to the NMP conference in Maryland. Just the connections and conversations during meals and hanging in the hotel bar speaking with other conference goers was worth the cost of the conference. The information and the materials from the conference was golden. I am still using the resources as not only a guide but inspiration. My partners sat in on my newly revamped Retirement dinners and were all blown away. They have all committed to attending the next NMP conference. Thanks guys!”


“Well worth the cost!
I enjoyed the whole conference but especially the panel discussion. Especially when advisors were asked to give their top investment options and the panel would critique them. Great learning lesson and knowing alternative ways to make investment decisions”


“Really enjoyed this conference!
Top class speakers and liked the varied subjects discussed.
I left feeling inspired with new tools and methodologies to try out, plus loads of interesting books I’d like to read as well!”


“Interesting sessions, topics and speakers. Jason was great! I would always prefer to learn new methods and try some of them there. Thank you for everything!  You all have changed the way I think.” 


“Thanks Jack for waking me up before I even got into the industry.  You have helped shape my career.”


“Jack Reutemann’s presentation was perfect! This is what I paid for.” 


“Very valuable information.
Thanks for everything!” 


“Great knowledge. Great stuff.” 


“Great knowledge. Great stuff.” 


“It’s incredible to be independent and be able to advise my clients on what is right for them, not whats best for the house.”


“Great tech info. Great sales/ marketing info!” 


“Jack Reutemann’s presentation was excellent!.  A must see for advisors” 


“The TC2000 traing was worth the money by itself. I use it every day now.”


“Simply the best conference for financial advisors I have ever been to…Period”


“This will revolutionize my practice!” 


“Great energy! Worth the cost!” 


“I gained the most listening to how my peers present to potential clients. This is a learned skill which is rarely taught. It upped my game three fold!” 


“It is so refreshing not to have to tell clients to hold on and ride the market out. I am the hero as I now am able to know when to move my clients to safety and preserve their hard earned $$” 


Over 4000 financial professionals have attended the No More Pies Conferences

It’s crucial for financial advisors to take the steps to prepare yourself for success. How are you going to differentiate yourself from your competitors? How are you going to grow your practice?  Are you ready to protect your practice and your clients assets from sudden market corrections? 

No More Pies is a multi-day forum of action-packed takeaways, detailed use-cases and networking with the top minds in wealth and asset management. This is THE meeting place to benchmark against the best of the best in wealth management No More Pies is a multi-day forum of action-packed takeaways, detailed use-cases and networking with the top minds in wealth and asset management. This is THE meeting place to benchmark against the best of the best in wealth management conferences. You will explore how the most innovative wealth management firms, broker dealers, RIAs, robos and more use technical analysis to help better serve and protect clients.

Rethink, retool and reimagine your trading strategies to overcome your most pressing challenges and succeed in today’s market.